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Short Sale Fail – A Series: Intro

Short Sale Fail – A Series on Questionable Things I Run Into With Short Sales: Intro

  I daily run into behaviors, responses from “experts”, forms required by “experts”, etc. – things that make me scratch my head when I am working with short sales. Not always are these things that I run into worthy of an entire blog post but I figured I would create a series to at least allow for brief posts discussing/presenting these things.

This is a series that I will revisit as time permits that is good information for both Buyers and Sellers in considering the short sale process. Short Sale Fail obviously suggests that I will at the very least bring into question some of the practices, forms, designations, etc. discussed.

Please touch base if you are considering buying or selling as a short sale. 208.830.6185

*This is not to be construed as legal or financial advice and you should seek qualified council regarding any financial or legal questions.

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Last Minute Short Sale Surprises – Working with the right agent can help you avoid a train wreck…

As I reflect back on a week that we have closed a couple more properties and helped a few more home owners avoid foreclosure I continue thinking about a number of  discussions with another listing agent and a short sale seller that are not working with me but have kept in contact with me for a few months with occasional short sale related questions, etc. The recent conversations included questions along the lines of “What would you do if this happened?” “Have you ever seen this happen?” “How do I fix this?” – in general what do I do about this short sale that has turned into a train wreck?” In discussions it became apparent that either the Seller was not provided the Short Sale Approval Letter prior to closing or they did not read through it until the day of closing. In each situation it nearly blew the short sale up which likely would have landed the properties in foreclosure.

The letters in question included terms allowing the lender to seek a deficiency judgment (which is a pretty big deal). Trying to sort things out to determine where the train jumped the tracks wasn’t something that could be determined but I did emphasize to the agent that should they do another short sale in the future it is probably a good idea to read through the letter to know what it is saying and to also provide the approval letter to the client well in advance of putting all parties in motion to closing and give the Seller the opportunity to review and approve of the terms of the letter.

In working with our Short Sale Sellers we provide to them a copy of the approval letter prior to releasing it to the buyers agent. Our Seller’s have the opportunity to review the letters and seek legal and/or financial advice (neither which we can provide) should that be important to them prior to approving of the short sale approval letter. If all looks good to our Sellers we have them sign the approval letter itself and a few documents as well that instruct us to put all parties in motion to closing – again – before releasing the approval letter to the buyer agent.

As a short sale seller client of ours you can be assured  that you  will have the opportunity to review your short sale approval letter(s) as we receive them so that you are on board with the terms. Our goal is to make the process as transparent as we possibly can while helping your reach the most beneficial outcome. We’re not into train wrecks…

We received a nice note of thank this past week from a client that we helped short sell a house, get the bank to release deficiency rights, and avoid foreclosure in July that I thought I would share with you. My goal is to help every one of my clients have such a positive outcome and avoid a train wreck that short sales can become with the wrong agent at the wheel.

Dear John,

I don’t think I every thanked you for doing such a great job with the Short Sale of my property. The entire process was smooth, painless and most of all transparent. I wish to tell all potential clients that I would most certainly do business again with you if the opportunity presented itself.
Thank  you!!

Dr. Rebecca
San Francisco, California

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The Mythical Loan Modification

Below is a video created by and featuring Lee Honish, former Head Loss Mitigatior for IndyMac, now OneWest Bank on the reality of trial loan modifications. This is the scoop on loan modifications. Weekly I work with clients who attempted a loan modification but mysteriously after the trial period ended were denied the loan modification and helped down the road to foreclosure by the very bank that said they were “helping” them.

Are you facing foreclosure? Lets talk soon…

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