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Short Sale Success

A recent thank you card from a short sale Seller client made me reflect a little bit on the last 5 or so years of helping folks short sale their properties. We just closed this clients short sale. In the same week I was giving keys to a new home to some past short sale Seller clients who I helped sell their house as a short sale a little over 2 years earlier. It is always rewarding to receive thank you notes – it is even more rewarding to see the process come full circle to see past short sale Seller clients buy a new home, be in a much better financial position, and generally in just a better place in their life.

Short sales and being underwater in your house can be mentally taxing as a seller but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Please touch base with me if you are considering a short sale. I would be glad to help in anyway that I can.

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Another Wave of Foreclosures?

While we have experienced some leveling in our market the last 3 months there are fears of another wave in foreclosure activity. These fears may be founded as foreclosure starts were up 28% in January and some are of the opinion that we will see foreclosure activity at a greater level in 2012 than we did in 2010.

This new wave of foreclosures is expected to hit borrowers who were not involved in many of the sub-prime mortgages but rather folks with ordinary mortgages that have been effected by the recession.

See Reuters article “Americans brace for next foreclosure wave”.

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